Terms and conditions

  • All fees to be paid either, in advance if paying by the term, or on arrival at the weekly lesson. we do not accept cheques under £12. Cheques payable to Spotlight Performing Arts On joining, a one-time Registration Fee of £15 is payable which includes your spotlight t-shirt . You are given up to the 4th week of starting at Spotlight to pay this.
  • We aim to keep our fees affordable for all, In return we ask that you attend regularly each week and notify us of any holidays / sickness Due to demand, we operate a waiting list. If a pupil misses 3 consecutive weeks without notifying us they could be removed from the register and their place given to a pupil from the waiting list, and would need to reapply in order to attend. If your child no longer wishes to attend we ask that you notify us asap so we can offer the place to another pupil . Class fees may be due until you notify us that you no longer require your place.
  • Approaching performances, additional rehearsals will be called. Normally there will be only one extra each week. Attendance at these is expected, especially if a main part/ principal role has been awarded, repeated failure to attend without notification may result in removal from the part/role or performance. Rehearsal classes are currently charged at £2.50
  • Responsibility for bringing pupils to Spotlight and returning them home safely rests with parents or other authorised adults.
    Spotlight cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained as a result of taking part in any of the activities operated by Spotlight, nor is it responsible for any injury, howsoever caused, as a result of being on premises where Spotlight activities are taking place.
  • Spotlight cannot be held responsible for personal items left on premises. Pupils under the age of 16yrs are not allowed to leave any premises / theatre, during lessons, rehearsals, performances or breaks without the written or verbal authorization from a parent/guardian.
  • Spotlight may on occasion video or photograph our events and performances for record and for advertising and social media, should you not wish for your child to be included you must notify spotlight upon enrolment.
  • All pupils are expected to behave in a friendly and polite manner, to each other and the teaching staff and to respect any facilities/venues we use at all times. Parents/Guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their child to any facilities used whilst at Spotlight

On signing the application form and enrolling your child as a member of Spotlight, you agree that you fully understand these Terms & Conditions.