Spotlight has given me so much confidence. I have been truly inspired by my teachers here and they have given me skills in which I will always use


age 18

My favourite lessons are drama and dance I find a real freedom in them and I think I am never more myself when I’m been someone else


age 18

I have met some of the best people of my life through coming to spotlight who I will always remember and will continue to be friends with.


I like going to Spotlight because I like doing singing, dancing and drama.
And my Daddy takes me.


age 3

As a former pupil of Spotlight, I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time. I’ve learned many things, made life long friends, I have confidence in myself and have had fun performing in every show . I honestly wouldn’t have been myself without Spotlight.  I now assist at spotlight , I enjoy keeping the members focused, helping with what they need and providing the important rule… having fun

Spotlight has inspired me to want to become a dancer and in the future want to become Ariel at Disneyland


Been able to do something I love alongside amazing people has created so many good memories for me

age 16

I really like spotlight as it brings you out of your shell and its lovely to be part of a big family


age 16

Spotlight has given me more confidence to perform and dance in front of other people

age 8

I’ve met all my best friends here and intend to stay for a long time

age 13

Spotlight is a lovely experience and I know I’ll never stop going

age 10

We love spotlight because we get to meet up with our friends and we love joining in the drama activities
Lucy & Helena

Spotlight has given me the confidence to do solos on stage which I never thought I would do


I love coming to spotlight as I love having fun with my friends


age 9

Spotlight has been a lifetime experience and I love every minute


I have only been here a year but already I know it’s going to be a big part of my life

age 10

I love coming to Spotlight on a Saturday I get to see everyone and sing and dance

age 11

Spotlight is amazing as it’s made me more confident


Spotlight has given me so much more confidence and it’s really fun

Spotlight has helped me become the person who I am today

Spotlight has helped me build my confidence throughout the years

I like coming to spotlight as I would love to become a dancer when I’m older, the dancing drama and singing lessons are really good fun

age 8

Winning student of the year award was one of my most proud moments. I have met my best friends here at Spotlight and I can always be myself.

age 14

Spotlight has helped me so much with school as I have taken gcse in both drama and music. It has also helped me with my confidence; I love every minute of it

age 15

Spotlight is like a second family, the staff an pupils are truly amazing and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from we are all one big family working together to achieve our dreams

Megan P